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Dear Unity developers, I'm glad to share with you my contribution in Asset Store: Advanced Shooter Kit. This asset is apowerful, flexible and simple system for creating a shooter game. Create any action game you could imagine, from an simple horror to an total warfare, and have them working in minutes! And many, many other features!

See it in action on our webDemo.

Smart first person controller,
multiple player states, ladders & climbing.

Complete weapons included:
- Crowbar.
- Pistol.
- Assault rifle & grenade launcher for it.
- Shotgun.
- Hand grenade.
- Rocket launcher.
- Crossbow.

Smart damage calculation,
five armor types and regeneration system.

Smart decal system,
hit effect solution for all your needs.

Melee, Firearms and Launchers inside,
create any weapons for your game, from an simple crowbar to an powerful crossbow.

Weapon ironsight, animation, sway systems.

Multiple shooting modes,
automatic, single, double, triple.

Sub weapons,
you need attach grenade launcher on your assault rifle? No problem!

Switching projectile types for launchers,
for example: included simple and explosive arrows for crossbow.

Smart inventory system,
keeps picked weapons and ammo for it.

Flexible pickup types,
health, weapon, ammo, thrown.

Complete pickups included,
all used weapons, ammo for it, and health increments.

Powerful HUD based on Unity UI,
smart crosshair, health bar, pain screen, damage compass, ammo type and amount.

Optimized for mobile.

Just imagine, you have all you need to create your shooter game, this has never been easier!

Check out the Manual.

Need help? Fill out form or Post to a forum.

Please, check out readme file and example scene after purchase.
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Release Notes

• Designed for single player games.
• All sources only C# coders.