Advanced Shooter Kit - Release Notes

Please, always remove previous version before updating!

Version 1.5:

More bug fixes.
Bug with the window settings after rename or move a ask folder.
Bug with regeneration.

Added more new api functions(see documentation).
Now SurfaceDetector can detect terrain textures.
Added damage indicator.
The InputSystem has been rewrited.
New camera shake algorithm.
Improved player prefab.
Improved weapon system.
3D Hud.
Simple in game menu.
New Damage indication system.
Custom events for "npc character, player, pickup, respawn.
Added support Unity 5 Audio system.
Now, all weapons used physical projectiles(simple or ballystic).
Added Difficulty levels.
New option "Drop Chance" for set the rarity of the drop item.

Added  new classes: 
- Projectile.cs, 
- HitEffect.cs
- DamageInfo.cs, 
- DamageHandler.cs, 
- DamagePoint.cs
- Character.cs, 
- PlayerCharacter.cs
- GameSettings.cs
- FootstepSFXManager.cs
- Interfaces.cs
- Respawner.cs
- MenuElements.cs, 
- DropdownElement.cs

Removed Launcher.cs, Rocket.cs, Grenade.cs, Arrow.cs.
PlayerInventory.cs remaned to AmmoBackpak.cs
Now all gui elements automatically spawned"


Version 1.3:

Problems with camera shake and incorrect dispersion in shotgun
Incorrect ceiling hiegth detection  when you need to stand up

New API for configure input actions and call main gameplay functions from your code.
New surface detection system for spawn hit effects and play footsteps sounds
New Input system
Added  Settings Window for configure input and surface detection systems
Visible and animated player body
Added "HitSurface" int field in "Health.cs" for easily hit surface detection on player and nps unvisible colliders
Added "UseHeadBob" float field  in "FirstPersonController.cs" for enable/disable head bobbing effect
Added "PosForce" and "TiltForce" bool fields in "FirstPersonController.cs" for adjust head bobbing effect threshold

Removed "FootstepsSoundsManager.cs"
Removed "EffectsManager.cs"
"InputRegister.cs" renamed to "ASKInputManager.cs"


Version 1.2:

Fixed all problems with slopes, thanks Fox for reported it.
Fixed player controller get stuck on walls, thanks Tayer for reported it.
Multiple optimizations.

Added Joystick support in "InputRegister.cs"
Added elenemt "Ladder.cs" for climping
Added float field "CrouchSpeed" in "PlayerMoveController.cs"
Added float field "BackwardsSpeed" in "PlayerMoveController.cs"
Added float field "SidewaysSpeed" in "PlayerMoveController.cs"
Added float field "InAirSpeed" in "PlayerMoveController.cs"
Added float field "ClimbingSpeed" in "PlayerMoveController.cs"
Added Vector3 field "CameraOffset" in "FirstPersonController.cs"
Added array for player pain sounds in "Health.cs"
Added "CameraShakeRange.cs" in "WeaponBase.cs" for sets Min/Max cam shake by shots
Added float field "MoveSpeed" in "FirstPersonWeaponSway.cs" for weight effect of weapons 
Added float field "RunOffset" in "FirstPersonWeaponSway.cs" for rotate the hands with weapon while player runs
Added float field "+ Move" in "FirstPersonWeaponSway.cs" for sub effect of dispersion by movement
Added float field "+ Look" in "FirstPersonWeaponSway.cs" for  sub effect of dispersion by Looking
Added float field "+ Run&InAir" in "FirstPersonWeaponSway.cs" for sub effect of dispersion by runs and inAir (falling/Jumping)
Added float field "x Crouched" in "FirstPersonWeaponSway.cs" for  sub effect of dispersion by crouch
Added enum "CrosshairView" in "FirstPersonWeaponSway.cs" for sets special crosshair view mod in current weapon
Added pain pointer in "HudElements.cs" for show the damage direction
Added PainColor in "HudElements.cs" for sets the color of pain screen and pointer.

Rewrited "PlayerMoveController.cs" from RigidBoby to CharacterController
Remaned field "Have" to "Avaiable" in "WeaponsManager.cs"
"FirstPersonLookController.cs" renamed to "FirstPersonController.cs" and now it based on "PlayerMoveController.cs"
All sounds converted from .ogg to .wav


Version 1.1:

Weapon checked have and game start no weapon on his hand when try mouse wheel using weapon
Showing swap icon for keep weapon type if invectory crowded
Freezing palyer movement in very tight spaces
Not working weapon controlles in WeaponsManager.cs if player die with reloadin weapon or ironsighting
Bug with add FirstPersonWeaponSway component on any weapon object
Bug with reset weapon ironsight position if useSway = falseRun ironsightintg with reload animation playing
Decrementing health with "immortal=true" after falling
Bugs and problems with Slopes

Added melee weapons
Added deathSound in Health.cs
Added "Drops After Death" list based on "ReorderableList" in Health.cs
Added Debris script
Added crowbar pickup
New inspector for WeaponsManager.cs and "Player Weapons" list based on "ReorderableList"
Added smart inspectors for all weapon types and for inventory scripts
Added spawned effects after arrow impact
Added new parameter "SlopeLimit" in "PlayerMoveController.cs" - sets limit angle.

Rewrite all damage system
Rewrite InputRegister.cs
Removed DestroyableObjects.cs
Rewrite Inspectors for pickus, FirstPersonWeaponSway, health now is supported multiple editing