Smart FP Controller - Release Notes

Please, always remove previous version before updating!

Version 1.2:

New API functions(see documentation).
Improved player prefab
Added support Unity 5 Audio system.
The InputSystem has been rewrited.
Simple in game menu.
Now SurfaceDetector can detect terrain textures.

Version 1.1:

New API for configure input actions and call main gameplay functions from your code.
New surface detection system for spawn hit effects and play footsteps sounds
New Input system
Added  Settings Window for configure input and surface detection systems
Visible and animated player body
Added "UseHeadBob" float field  in "FirstPersonController.cs" for enable/disable head bobbing effect
Added "PosForce" and "TiltForce" bool fields in "FirstPersonController.cs" for adjust head bobbing effect threshold

Removed "FootstepsSoundsManager.cs"