Touch Controls Kit - Release Notes

Please, always remove previous version before updating!



TCK Version 1.5:

Incrorrect axes inversing.

Add new static bool field isActive (read only) in "TCKInput.cs"
Add new static functions: BindAction, UnBindAction, BindAxes, UnBindAxes, GetControllerEnable, SetControllerEnable, GetControllerActive, SetControllerActive, GetControllerVisible, SetControllerVisible, GetButtonClick, GetUpdateType, SetUpdateType, GetTouchPhase in "TCKInput.cs"

Add new enums: 
AxisType - for easily getting axis by type.
UpdateType - for select update method of delegates and events invoking.
TCKTouchPhase - for describes phase of a finger touch.
ActionPhase - for delegates of BindAction API.

Add new delegates: ActionEventHandler, ActionAlwaysHandler, AxesEventHandler, AxesAlwaysHandler.

Add new events: ActionEvent, AlwaysActionEvent, AxesEvent, AlwaysAxesEvent.

Add abstract new class "AxesBasedController.cs" based on ControllerBase - for optimize and restructure using axes and events in controllers.
Add new enums "UpdateType", "TouchPhase" in "ControllerBase.cs"
Add new bool fields "Enable", "Active", "visible" in "ControllerBase.cs"


Enum ArrowType renamed to DPadArrowType.


TCK Version 1.4:

Error intercepting steering wheel.

Added colors for all sprites.
New event system(pro only).
Added new class "Axes.cs" for optimization of constains axes data.
New button option "SwipeOut".

All controllers rewrited for Unity UI Event System.
New inspectors for all controllers.
"InputManager.cs" renamed to "TCKInput.cs".


TCK Version 1.3:

Added new controller "Steering Wheel".


TCK Version 1.2:

Added full uGUI Support.


TCK Version 1.1:

Universal Mobile Joystick EVOLVED by Touch Controls Kit.


UMJ Version 3.0:

* Added a new controller item - "touch button".
* Button is able to track three events Down, Press, Up.
* Added a new class "ControllerBase" all the controllers are now based on it.
* Added a new class "Button".
* Added a new class "Touchpad".
* Now you can set the layer to the controller before creation.
* Implemented alignment of nine points of the screen (see webDemo).
* Completely redesigned formula for sets the controller size and position on screen.
* Added "smooth return" for static joystick.
* Added option to enable or disable any axis.
* Added option to specify names for axes.
* Added the function to inverse any axis.
* Now the joystick, touchpad and button can broadcast their own data to the receiver game object.
* Broadcast can be in any of three modes "SendMessage", "SendMessageUpwards", "BroadcastMessage".
* For the data transmission can be used as a native method names, and ask specific.
* If one or more names to be empty, reported the error handler.
* Broadcasting the data is done in three main events "Start", "Press" and "End".
* Inspectors for all controllers, displays the "native" names for broadcast methods.
* Significantly updated and optimized functional joystick and touchpad.
* Added new API functions (see webDemo).

* Properties "OffsetX", "OffsetY", "MyName", replaced in "ControllerBase" class.
* Fields "touchDown" and "touchId" replaced in "ControllerBase" class.
* Methods "GetCurrentPosition" and "GetDefaultPosition" renamed by "GetPosition".
* Fields "TouchZoneWidth" and "TouchZoneHeight" transferred to the class "ControllerBase" renamed by "ImageWidth" and "ImageHeight".
* Internal fields "Horizontal" and "Vertical" replaced by AxisValueX and AxisValueY.
* Also, many fields and properties have been replaced in "ControllerBase" class.
* Bug fixes and optimization in the joystick and touchpad.


UMJ Version 2.4:

* API function for enabling and disabling joysticks in scene.
* Debug API function for Show/Hide touch zones in scene.
* Parameter settings "Sensitivity", it affects the internal Horizontal and Vertical.
* Static float GetAxis(string joystickName, string axisName), to get the coordinates.
* Smart "Obsolete" update system.
* Error message informing you that the scene is more than one "TouchManager".
* Special API class ImputManager and more API functions (see API Dock).
* New field "MyName", needeed to fing joystick from API Call.
* New class "API_Demo" for demonstrate API functions.

* Remove the link from the "Component".
* public fields "bool TouchDown" and "int TouchID" now is internal.
* Field "TouchDown" renamed to "touchDown".
* Field "TouchID" renamed to "touchId".
* enum JoystickModes moved from class "UMJ_Joystick" to namespace UniversalMobileJoystick.
* namespace UniversalMobileJoystick.Editors renamed to UniversalMobileJoystick.Editors.
* All public voids in class "UMJ_Joystick" chanjed to internal.
* All public variables chanjed to properties.
* Removed void JoystickSetup.
* Now you do not need to specify names for the child GO, to find GUITexture.
* After optimizing deleted DV_SETUP_MODE.
* Class "JoysticksManager" renamed to "TouchManager".
* Class "UMJ_Editor" renamed to "PrefabCreator".
* Abbrieature "UMJ_" removed for all classes.
* Replaced the standard "TouchZone" texture.
* public fields "JSK_Direction", "JSK_TouchpadAxes", "JSK_TouchForce" are replaced by internal "Horizontal" and "Vertical".


UMJ Version 2.0:

* Joystick Mode "Touchpad" has been completely redesigned and improved.
* Quickly create a joystick prefabs in one click.
* Reworked all "of Editor" classes, now configure the joystick even easier and more convenient.
* "JoysticksManager" is now able to create a joystick prefab.
* Commented out the most important parts of the code.
* During the creation of the joystick prefab can assign basic parameters (texture, location, type).
* Adden special namespaces "UniversalMobileJoystick".

* Multiple optimization.
* Due to unstable operation component "umj_button" has been removed.
* Automatically multitouch checker for all platforms.


UMJ Version 1.5:

* Setup is greatly simplified.
* For "Hot visual tuning" running game is not longer needed.
* Unlimited number of joysticks on display.
* New demo level with four joysticks.

* Fixed bug with "getting stuck" in determining the ID multitouch.